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Maker's Story

Along the times of royalty, Pashmina has been on the royal shoulders as well as on the local people showing that luxury has no disparity. Pashmina from the goats of Changra breed has been a point of finest and rarest craft that is well defined by the hard work and skill of Artisans of the Valley of Kashmir. Mehraj, an artisan who has been in the world of Pashmina for 14 years. Willingly placed his hands over the handloom and meticulously created the magic in the form of Pashmina. From a poor family, he has managed to fees them with the minimum of wages given. But growing time has made this lifestyle a bit tough. “I used to earn and feed my family, but with time, the family grew, education is necessary for my kids, and above all modern society is very expensive in every way.” Said Mehraj Pashmina has been a source of livelihood for most of the artisans. They have worshiped, lived all the aspects of Pashmina. Moreover, they feel Pashmina.

Mehraj and Pashmina.com

Pashmina.com and Mehraj assigning to each the bond that is filled with love and respect. Pashmina has made us realize the strength of uniqueness and togetherness. Henceforth, Pashmina.com provides the deserving wages on time in order that artisans like Mehraj will feel content with his work.

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