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Luxe Bag



At Pashmina.com, each product is handcrafted by exceptionally skilled artisans who spend months or years together to create one single wrap. From cleaning the dirt filled raw wool, spinning the extremely delicate threads, weaving fine yarn which is barely visible, our artisans make sure every step is carried out in perfection. It is only after spending 10 hours a day with Pashmina that our artisans have mastered the skills and hence create products that are unparalleled, rare and exquisite


Our Artisans

The artisan community of Kashmir is rich with an exceptional know how of traditional art, but they lack the access to global market. We plan to bridge this gap and provide the artisans all the requirements to showcase their collections which brim with grace and grandeur. Our endeavor is aimed at creating a better life for each artisan, his family and helping them to a secure future. Our relations with artisans are based on fair trade, ethical business practices and provision of a safe environment.

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