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Luxe Bag


Ghulam Mohammad Bhat



Maker's Story

From the dawn of fashion to the dusk of luxury, Pashmina has been amidst the royal and contemporary world all along. From the Changra Goats, the hairs translated to the pashms that have been woven to make the explicit Pashmina. All due to the presence of unique and versatile artisans. Ghulam Mohammad Bhat, an old artisan who has experience of 43 years in the craft of Pashmina. He explains the beauty of Pashmina as if he has been with its creation forever. “Pashmina is my faith, it has led to a right path, In my teens, I was a bit underscored and then I met the craft of Pashmina and I flew over the world”. Ghulam said very jubilantly. Unfortunately, the wings of artisans have been cut off due to the power looms but the essence of hand-crafted Pashmina and the skill of artisans will not let anything fade the elegance.

Ghulam Mohammad Bhat and Pashmina.com

Pashmina.com respects the skill of Ghulam as he is the worthiest artisan. He works diligently even in his old age to revive the beauty of Pashmina. So does Pashmina.com.

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