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Mohammad Abdul Khan



Maker's Story

Moving away in the dreams of nature, Pashmina falls over from the sky of nature. From the Hairs of Changra Goats, Cashmere combed out to get the finest fleece that is woven into the creation of Pashmina. The radiant process of creating the Pashmina is chosen by the hands of artisans throughout the revere beneath Pashmina. Artisans like Khan, who has given his entire 40 years to the craft to Pashmina are blessed with a family who all work in the craft of Pashmina. Womenfolk of the valley like the family members of Mohammad Abdul spun the yarn and born out the craft of Pashmina. “All the members of the family would confer the Pashmina with their skill and sustain lives but power looms and machine work took away our dreams,” said Abdul sadly. In the past years, they have lost their job as the power looms have replaced the handloom work. Unfortunately, no one is bothered by the ongoing but as far as artisans and their families are concerned, they want the revival of Pashmina and they are continuously working towards that path.

Mohammad Abdul Khan and Pashmina.com

Pashmina.com is helping the artisans to revive the Pashmina art as much as possible as the authenticity of the work matters the most. Abdul has been quite hardworking while working with us as artisans and Pashmina.com wants to befit from the Pashmina and at the same time live its being in one way or the other.

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