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Abdul Hameed Wani



Maker's Story

Pashmina, a sense of uniqueness and luxury has been a chance of nature to make the lived around elegant with the humming of Pashmina around the fashion world. Due to Artisans of all the generations, Pashmina has evolved in the best of forms. Abdul Hameed Wani, an artisan who has worked so hard towards the craft of Pashmina for 19 years now. But unfortunately, due to the struggle of Power looms to take over the skill and love of artisans for their Pashmina, he has been worried about the livelihood “I love to do the hand embroidery over the handcrafted Pashmina, but unfortunately if all did not go well, I would have to leave the profession and work somewhere else.” Said Hameed with his eyes full of tears. Machine looms and Machine works have been a blow to the admiration of artisans towards the craft. Pashmina has been a soul for the livelihood of several artisans of the Kashmir Valley. The revival of Pashmina has to be the basic and foremost part of the people as artisans depend on the craft and the Pashmina itself fills numerous voids with certainty.

Abdul Hameed and Pashmina.com

Pashmina.com and Abdul Hameed are looking forward to the salvation of Pashmina as a pure handicraft. Moreover, Pashmina.com provides livelihood to all the artisans by replenishing the community with better wages and sustainability.

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