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Luxe Bag


Mohammad Aslam Khan



Maker's Story

Hearing the sounds around the mountains of Changthang in Ladakh, from the Changra Goats, Pashmina sings the songs of skill and hard work of artisans of the valley. Pashmina witnesses its own creation by diving into the ocean of intricacy. The artisans all over cherish the presence of Pashmina in its versatile looks. Mohammad Aslam Khan, an artisan from the valley of Kashmir has seen Pashmina in its every rhythm of creation for the past 20 years. He has been into working for such a long time that he feels that no profession is better than the Pashmina craft. “I have witnessed the whimsical Pashmina, the divine Pashmina and what not. I want to explore many more forms and styles.” Aslam said with the distinct articulation of his expressions.

Mohammad Aslam and Pashmina.com

Pashmina.com, a new way of exploration for the artisans like Mohammad Aslam who is a master of this craft. We admire him as he does bring the authenticity of Pashmina in new colors every day of his life. Pashmina.com encourages the exploration of versatile artisans all over the Kashmir Valley.

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