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Gulzar Ahmed Khan



Maker's Story

Initiating with the wool of the Changra Goats that dwell in the high mountains. It altogether submits the process to the people for its own creation. The wool, hand-plucked or combed out with the beauty of labour and scattered around as if the clouds are smiling across to the sky in the summertime. The smile creates bliss in artisans, who by their hard work and skill relive the threads of Cashmere. Gulzar Ahmed, an artist who has walked the path of Pashmina for 30 years now. Day and night with the smell of Pashmina have enthralled his own soul and he wants to spread the divine smell to the other souls. By the virtue of Pashmina, he has maintained a livelihood for these many years. The advent of Machine looms and machine work has made his heartthrob due to the devastation it creates to the craft of Pashmina. “It's sad to see that skill is overtaken by machines. We have loved Pashmina and Pashmina has loved us. No machine can take place of any handwork ever.” Said Gulzar in a higher tone of gratitude towards the Pashmina. Machine looms and machine works have given a blow to the craft as people are easily fooled by the presence of the former. The latter is quite intricate and it has an essence that belongs to nature filled with merriness on the arrival of the craft of Pashmina.

Gulzar Ahmed Khan and Pashmina.com

Pashmina.com has been always forward to give way to the best of quality Pashmina to the world because there is no other luxury than having a hand-crafted and hand-woven Pashmina. Artisans like Gulzar Ahmed have been a support for the revival and salvation of the craft of Pashmina.

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