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Mohsin Shabeer



Maker's Story

Lives belonging to the nature of the world, from where the Pashmina in its form of beauty enthrals upon the journey of glory. Pashmina from the breed of Changra Goats from the Changthang mountains in the Ladakh region. The gratification and glorifying of the Pashmina is all due to the hard work and skill of the hands of artisans. Mohsin Shabeer, a very young artisan who has been into the journey for 8 years and he has entangled his all spheres of life with the glorification of Pashmina itself. Pashmina in the hands of Mohsin seems to be a place of magic as Mohsin is famous for being the most hardworking artisan. “I love the way Pashmina Shawl gets completed, it gives me a sense of togetherness and satisfaction” said Mohsin while working on a sage colored Pashmina. Artisans around the valley have been into the craft for ages. It has been a journey of individuality for each and every artisan. They have made their lives for the revival of Pashmina. Cherished are the artisans who belong to Pashmina. Bestowed is the Pashmina that belongs to the artisans of generosity.

Mohsin Shabeer and Pashmina.com

Pashmina.com has been a support for the inspiration of many artisans like Mohsin. He ahs been with the platform from a time and he has been into the quote of revival of Pashmina. So does we at Pashmina.com feel obliged to bestow the world with Pure handcrafted Pashmina.

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