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Luxe Bag


Ghulam Sardar



Maker's Story

Knowing the world of nature, one sees calmness on the shoulders of mountains. There belongs the blessed Pashmina. Roots from a Persian word, pashm, meaning the king of fibres is the fleece of the Cashmere wool. Pashmina has been at a depiction for ages that it’s the most exquisite form of Craft. Pashmina from the origin of Cashmere, extracted for its beauty, mushiness, and softness. All the course done by the skilled artisans like Ghulam sardar who has been taking care of Pashmina for more than 60 years. The elderly artisan has the light of Pashmina in his eyes and he explained his journey with Pashmina over these years with a glitter that was acquainted with the Pashmina. “The most beautiful part of the Pashmina is its being in various hand embroideries that are so intricate and they can be only felt with eyes of love,” said Ghulam very calmly. Artisans have given their whole lives to the craft of Pashmina. In return, Pashmina has been giving them more of worlds where they reside with skill in their hands. Pashmina in the form of hand embroidered pattern, is the most luxurious and very sophisticated style that a Pashmina has eloped with.

Ghulam Sardar and Pashmina.com

Pashmina.com has been with these senior or master artisans by helping them to be with the craft for their lives. Ghulam Sardar, the most jubilant artisan has provided the Pashmina.com the best of master pieces as all the artisans aof the valley need a step to be there for Pashmina. We are giving them that step with touch of Pashmina in our hearts as well.

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