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Nasir Ahmed Bhat



Maker's Story

Hands in hands of the valley of Kashmir, are the artisan from around working along the blessed Pashmina from the Cashmere wool of Changra Goats of the Ladakh region. The harmony towards the betterment and gleam of ravishing Pashmina has lead them to the skill of eternity. Nasir Ahmed Bhat, an artisan from the creative circle of artisans, has dived into the glorious ocean of Pashmina 17 years ago. Till now, entangling his life with the woven Pashmina has been his best of moments. Learnt from his forefathers, he encourages that Pashmina needs to go beyond the world to deliver the message of radiant craft of so many eras. “With the help of Pashmina itself, we need our work to move beyond over the skies” said Nasir. Many artisans feel that the designs are stuck and the modernisation demands more of them. Artisans like Nasir are focussed on revival as well as renewal of Pashmina into a better form to make its wings to above and above high.

Nasir Ahmed and Pashmina.com

Pashmina.com encourage the thoughts of artisans like Nasir who want to explore the world taking Pashmina in their hands. On out platform, artisans are getting more of a knowledge of outside of their handlooms. They have put forward their step to explore the beauty that Pashmina is yet to bestow. Pashmina.com give them the eyes to see beyond they want to be.

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