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Firdous Ahmed



Maker's Story

From above the sky of life, nature bestows upon us the beautiful worth. The worth that remains on the edge of gleam. That is Pashmina, the craft that has been into the world for ages now. Beginning from the Cashmere wool combed out of Changra breed goat that has the finest and most rare hairs. The high-quality wool, thereby performing on the handloom creating the high-quality Pashmina. Artisans from the valley has been bestowed with the skill of Pashmina craft. Firdous Ahmed, an artisan who has been into the journey of this craft for 17 years to sustain his livelihood. “Initially the work, wages were good when I started but gradually due to many reasons, it got stuck and is still stuck till now” said Firdous. The craft of Pashmina has made many artisans’ life better but somehow the world lost its essence due to machine looms and other reasons. Reviving the craft is a must or in one way or other the necessity for the artisans.

Firdous Ahmed and Pashmina.com

Firdous Ahmed has been a part of Pashmina.com and he has proved his worth and we have been towards enhancing the journeys and skill of artisans all the way. Pashmina.com and Firdous Ahmed and all the other artisans have been living Pashmina for the sake of Pashmina only.

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