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Shabeer Ahmed



Maker's Story

Beyond the clouds of creation, the uniqueness of Pashmina bestows the land of desires wherein live the Artisans of high-quality skill and up to the top desires. Pashmina from the Changra Goats have its glimpse everywhere in the valley. In the trees, in the clouds, in the mountains, in the hearts of artisans. Shabeer Ahmed, an artisan who has studies hard and has got the degree of Graduate. Due to poverty, he left his studies and worn himself pit in the path of Pashmina craft for 15 years. “I have not been ever satisfied by anything, not mu studies, not financially, but the presence of Pashmina gave me a kind of fulfilment” said Shabeer while taking a Pashmina Shawl in his hand. The craft of Pashmina has been a dream of many artisans as well as locals who adore it to the extreme. But with growing machine works, the essence of Pashmina is getting faded, so is the stability of an artisan. There needs to be some kind of reviving of Pashmina that will enable the life of the craft as well as the livelihood of artisans.

Shabeer Ahmed and Pashmina.com

Pashmina.com has been platform for the betterment of artisans like Shabeer Ahmed. He with other artisans have been together to promote the authentic hand crafted, hand woven, hand Embroidered Pashmina. Pashmina.com has supported and brought forward all the artisans who have been there for the craft of Pashmina.

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