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Luxe Bag


Ghulam Ahmed



Maker's Story

In the valley of heavens, the horizons move towards the edges of dawn from where each day, new beginnings play a mystical harmony. From the high-quality Cashmere wool, Pashmina is derived in its best of forms and thereby it is handcrafted in the valley itself. Artisans and their skill granted an identity to this handcrafted Pashmina. Ghulam Ahmed, an elderly artisan proudly speaking of his skill relished over the nature of Pashmina. Being an experienced artisan, he has taught his sons the Art of Pashmina because he feels there is legacy and a sense of discipline in the work of Pashmina. “Pashmina is our culture and tradition; we belong to it and it belongs to us” Ghulam said very proudly. Some artisans feel that this craft should be preserved at any cost as there are sentiments and culture associated with the craft of Pashmina. And this is the basic source of earning in the artisan community.

Ghulam Ahmed and Pashmina.com

Pashmina.com honour’s the presence of artisans like Ghulam Ahmed because the main goal of both is to live Pashmina and make its identity intact as strong as possible. With Pashmina.com, Ghulam Ahmed has been in contentment that the craft will be revived in the meantime as the handcrafted Pashmina is the most serene form of Art in the world do far.

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