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Fayaz Ahmed



Maker's Story

In the surrounding of nature, there lives a place of creation from where the Pashmina belongs. The hairs from the particular regions of the Changra Goat that have been grown in the winter season are combed with hands to preserve its quality. Thereby the Pashmina is cleaned, prepared for the handloom to weave the pashms and make magic out of it. The weaving and interweaving, done manually to provide the best natural hand-crafted Pashmina. All the procedures of procuring the Pashmina has been bestowed with the skilled hands of Artisans. Fayaz Ahmed, an artisan who has been provided with this skill from his forefathers. His father has been a role model for him in the craft of Pashmina. “My father had hands of fortune, he touched the needle, in return needle would talk of the colourful threads in a way like my father was performing in the voice of needle. That clean and bold was his work.” Fayaz exclaimed. Masters of this craft have been blessed with their skill and hand work. Later on, they passed on to the generations ahead and the essence remained intact. With the growing time, the life of Pashmina is highly affected by the machine work and power looms, thereby directly affecting the world of artisans who live by the side of Pashmina.

Fayaz Ahmed and Pashmina.com

Pashmina.com supports all the inspirations of the artisans who have worked their whole lives to perform in the sounds of Pashmina. Fayaz Ahmed with Pashmina.com reached a place of trust that we both belong to each other in terms of Pashmina.

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