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Ali Mohammad



Maker's Story

Pashmina, a source for beatitude over eras has been on the path of serenity for so long that Pashmina calls upon nature for its arrival. Shedding off from the Changra Goats, Cashmere wool is obtained, from the fleece of Cashmere, Pashmina get its grade. The journey from nature to handlooms is diligently done by the performers of nature, the Artisans. Ali Mohammad, an elderly artisan who has accompanied Pashmina for more than 30 years now. Being a person with low sight due to old age, he has still managed to craft and weave hundreds and thousands of Pashmina Shawls. “While working, I get bit dazed by the minute designs but to be honest, it has never stopped me from being into the craft as it has now become a form of worship.” Ali Mohammad said with a cheerful smile. Artisans from around the valley have the sense of inspiration that draws them closer to Pashmina day by day. To sustain their will, there needs to be support through various forms for the salvation of Pashmina craft as well as restoration of inspiration among the artisans.

Ali Mohammad and Pashmina.com

Pashmina.com, a platform for the inspiration of Pashmina as an immensely exquisite Craft and for the artisans like Ali Mohammad who have worked so hard all his life that he needs an applause by the hands of Pashmina itself. Thereby, Pashmina.com let artisans work with inspiration in order to provide the best of handicrafts.

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