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Luxe Bag


Ghulam Mohammad Bhat



Maker's Story

In the hands of perfection, Pashmina has been a revere to the world in the form of explicit craft. Pashmina from the Changthang Goats, has several journeys in its one journey of creativity. From nature to hands of artisans, Pashmina has been in its best of versions. Artisans like Ghulam Mohammad who has been into the journey of Pashmina for 50 years now. He has lived for Pashmina craft and he has it's all the times. “It has not been so smooth journey with Pashmina and now modernisation have now made it even worse.” Said Ghulam while sitting on the handloom. Due to the ongoing modernisation in the natural world, the sustainability to nature as well as the support to Artisans has been given a blow to suppress creativity and skill by hands of time.

Ghulam Mohammad Bhat and Pashmina.com

Pashmina.com has been with artisans for many moments now. Ghulam Mohammad has been a part and he has been quite enthusiastic towards his work despite being in old age. His vigour and zeal towards the craft has been a pro to our platform as we support artisans and they support us by providing the luxurious Pashmina into the world.

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