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Rafiq Ahmed Bhat



Maker's Story

From so many long years, nature entangles with the gratitude of winds to perform for the souls in the form of breezes. Likewise, pashms from the fleece of Cashmere wool of Changra Goats, woven in Pashmina and a craft is created so visibly flawless that one falls in love with it. Pashmina craft since the very beginning has been with luxury and royalty that it still to this time possesses. All because of the hard-working skilled artisans of the Kashmir Valley who have worked extensively towards this craft. Rafiq Ahmed Bhat, an artisan who has given 25 years of his life to the explicit craft of Pashmina. He has lived his life alongside the Pashmina as inspiration for his livelihood. He believes if Government and people out there will just move one stone at a time, the craft will be on its position for the rest of the time. “If Government and young people would help the artisans to revive the Craft of Pashmina, the it will create meticulous magic in the journey of Pashmina” said Rafiq while he was working on a weave that he has just started. By the assistance of Government, and the understanding of Pashmina suppliers who work in the craft of Pashmina, it will revive for the nature that has been a confidante of Pashmina for ages. The handcrafted Pashmina needs to be cherished as in there are the souls of artisans involved.

Rafiq Ahmed Bhat and Pashmina.com

Rafiq Ahmed with Pashmina.com is letting the world know more about the Pashmina craft as we both know the worth and hard work it takes to create a Pashmina. Pashmina.com has got the hand of these skilled artisans like Rafiq, thereby we are able to provide best of ourselves in the world of fashion.

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