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Ayaz Ahmed



Maker's Story

Pashmina has been in the history of the crafts for ages. Being a source of reinvention of natural crafts into which believing in the hands of artisans is the precursor of everything. Pashmina, from the Capra Hircus Goats in the Ladakh region confers the quality of the craft for so many years from royals to the locals. The beauty remains intact in the hands of Artisans who suffer, yet come forward to make the craft of Pashmina inevitable for the extinction. Ayaz Ahmed, an artisan who has given his 20 years to the craft of Pashmina. For the survival of the family and for the preservation of the Pashmina craft, he has worked his days and nights to attain stability in the world of Handicrafts. “In the early years, the wages were quite good, but later on, the wages got lower and Pashmina was out looked by the people” said Ayaz while weaving a Pashmina Shawl. Artisans like Ayaz Ahmed have many obstacles due to the low wages. In addition, the salvation of Pashmina craft is a must because the integrity is lost by the machine looms. “If there is no stability in the work of Pashmina, unfortunately in coming years, I have to look for other option to sustain my family” said Ayaz sobbing. Pashmina craft is declining day by day due to the usage of power looms and machine work. But despite all these hardships, artisans want to revive and reprieve the craft of Pashmina as much as they can because the essence of hand crafted and handwoven Pashmina is felt on the shoulders of souls all the way all over.

Ayaz Ahmed and Pashmina.com

Pashmina.com is continuously working towards the salvation of Pashmina and artisans like Ayaz Ahmed who work towards the revival and preservation of Pashmina craft as it’s the source of sustenance for them from years. By collaborating with Pashmina.com, Ayaz got the opportunity to keep Pashmina craft with himself as we think for our artisans, thereby think for Pashmina craft.

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