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Riyaz Ahmed



Maker's Story

Curling up yourself in a Pashmina Shawl is the blessing of luxury that surrounds the Fashion world with beauty and fortitude. Pashmina woven from the pashms, the golden threads from the fleece of Cashmere wool obtained from the Changra breed of Changhthang Goats. Due to the world of artisans, the fashion and Art world has been cherished with the elegant Pashmina. Riyaz Ahmed, an artisan from the valley of Kashmir has been given a gift by his father as token of hard work and honesty to the craft of Pashmina. The gift is crafting Pashmina by hands and working on it with various hand weaves, and hand Embroideries. Riyaz has been in the journey of Pashmina for 25 years now. He has always felt the need to inbuilt for of creativity in every artwork he creates. “I want my Pashmina to look at me with happiness and saying that I did justice to my skill that my father gifted me” said Riyaz while showing a Hand Embroidered Pashmina Wrap. Riyaz and other artisans also mentioned that the wages are not given on time, and all the artisans have families to support and make their livelihood better each day. Pashmina being their source of happiness as well as sustenance, should be preserved in its handcrafted form as it is the only best quality.

Riyaz Ahmed and Pashmina.com

Pashmina.com have always been in support of the skilled artisans of the valley. We provide the best deserved wages on time for the artisans like Riyaz who belong to the middle-class families and need to sustain their lives. Moreover, Pashmina.com and Riyaz have a highly beautiful bond that needs to be preserved as we both have Pashmina in our hearts.

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