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Shabeer Ahmed Kota



Maker's Story

Pashmina belongs to the serenity of creations. Pashmina, the name from a Persian word, pashm which means the soft gold or the king of fibres. The name itself leads us to the nature of woven and unwoven fibres in moments leading to the making of a luxurious world of Pashmina. The hands of artisans, the creators of hand-crafted Pashmina, dwell on the shores of creativity and skill. Shabeer Ahmed Kota, an artisan who has been in the journey of the craft of Pashmina for 20 years now. There has been a health condition due to which he has lost 2 years to the disease that lead to the poverty of severe issues in the family of 6 members. Afterward, he has met the divine craft of Pashmina that made him realize the worth of working in a place so close to creation. Pashmina reminded him of the strength that he was given to sustain his family. “I had no source of Income, Pashmina became the source for my enthusiasm and I worked hard to live it as it provided me my living,” said Shabeer in bliss. Pashmina is part of beauty but with that, it has provided sources of sustainability to the artisans of Valley. Ensuring the curation of Handcrafted Pashmina is the role of all lovers of Pashmina, not for the sake of just Pashmina, but for the sake of artisans who live by the side of Pashmina.

Shabeer Ahmed Kota and Pashmina.com

Shabeer found its place, as the part of Pashmina.com near the Pashmina of genuineness and authenticity. Encouraging the creation of hand-crafted Pashmina, we at Pashmina.com provide the wages to the artisans like Shabeer on time and what they truly deserve. Pashmina.com and artisans together will live for Pashmina in the journey of handicrafts.

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