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Mohammad Lateef



Maker's Story

Living above the skies of creation, Pashmina has met the world through the divine steps of creation. Beginning from the Cashmere wool that is the hair over the Changra breed of Goats shed off during the moulting season. The fleece is combed out and thus the pashms are created, spun across by hands marking the way for elegant Pashmina. All that is done for the making of Pashmina, is by the virtue of Artisans who have been given the skill of magic towards the beatitude of Pashmina. Mohammad Lateef, an artisan who has worked for 15 years to overcome poverty in these times with a family of 5 members. “The craft of Pashmina has helped me get over my hard times, my kids are getting education due to the existence of Pashmina only,” said Lateef in a way of distress. The handcrafted Pashmina not only caters the luxurious fashion but also sustain the lives of many artisans of the valley who has been in the path of on-off in the work due to various reason.

Mohammad Lateef and Pashmina.com

With Pashmina.com, Mohammad Lateef has found security in his life as he provides us the exquisite hand-crafted Pashmina with the skill of artisans like Lateef. In return, we help and support their community by building a sense of hand-crafted, hand weaved Pashmina in each corner of the world.

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