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Shakeel Ahmed Dar



Maker's Story

Pashmina starts a journey from above the horizons of creation. The hairs of Capra Hircus Goat are grown in the season of winter to protect them from the harsh season and thereby in the season of spring, the hairs naturally shed off ar are to be plucked to protect the Goats from the shine of summers. They are manually cleaned with the hands, thus preserving the high-quality Cashmere wool. Afterward, hairs are combed to get the fleece out which the premium Pashmina is created. Every process is accompanied by the hands of artisans who have the ability to work in order to cherish Pashmina in every way. Shakeel Ahmed Dar, an artisan who has bestowed his 35 years in the craft of Pashmina. He has been weaving on his handloom the most luxurious weave called the Kani weave. The weaving, of Pashmina Shawl by the Kanis are the wooden sticks of hand size made of forest wood known to be as “poss tul” to give the preferred designs as per the desire. The Kanis have a colourful thread around to present their wefts in an already warped Shawl. “Kani weave is my part of living, day by day I work on several Pashmina Shawls, each with its very own essence. That is magic of hand weave!” said Shakeel while swirling one Kani in the handloom and giving it’s a proper pattern. Due to modernization, the effort of the artist has been given no value. The artisan needs an identity. It should be given to them as they are creators of the luxurious world of Pashmina.

Shakeel Ahmed and Pashmina.com

Encouraging the hand weave over any machine weave is the basic right of every Pashmina lover. Shakeel Ahmed congratulated Pashmina.com and made his way towards us by describing our togetherness a bond of support. Working with artisans like Shakeel Ahmed, Pashmina.com has managed to present every dimension of Pashmina.

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