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Luxe Bag


Nazeer Ahmed Kota



Maker's Story

Beginning in the mountains, making the way towards the better version of creation, nature has been a place to dwell on all the creative entities. The beauty, the amaze in the eyes of an artisan is seen on the onset of Pashmina from the Capra Hircus Goats. New ways, new explorations are done by the artisans who work hard enough to sustain their lives as well as revive the craft of Pashmina with great abilities. Nazeer Ahmed Kota, an artisan who has been given the skill by his father who was one of the masters of Pashmina craft in his time. Nazeer Ahmed encourages the handwork over the hand-crafted Pashmina because it's his way of greeting the beauty of Pashmina with his hands full of enthusiasm. “I worship Pashmina as it's my basic way to fulfil the needs of my family of 6 members,” said Nazeer. Pashmina has been a source of everything for the community of artisans. They admire Pashmina, they have faith in their skill and adorn the Pashmina with the same. Ongoing use of machines to make Pashmina have made lives distressed, despite this, all the artisans have been towards the craft more and more to revive the Pure Pashmina.

Nazeer Ahmed and Pashmina.com

Pashmina.com has empathy towards the community of artisans as they have the skill that needs to be preserved for the world. Heavenly skill cherished by Pashmina.com makes the lives of these artisans like Nazeer better. Nazeer has found the source of joy at Pashmina.com and we in return have encouraged the revival of authentic hand-crafted Pashmina.

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