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Abdul Rehman



Maker's Story

In the sphere of life, nature comes across in the most twinkling ways, in the form of rain, in the form of snow, and whatnot. Nature pours the love to some people in the form of Pashmina. Those are the artisans who are enormously loved by the grace of nature as they do care for the arrival of Pashmina from the Changra breed of Goats. Abdul Rehman, an artisan who works day and night for the being of Pashmina. His whole family including women who spun the yarn and pass it on to the handloom for weaving and afterward for hand Embroidery or other craft. “My whole family together work towards the creation of Pashmina but the machine work and looms have changed our fate,” said Abdul Rehman in despair. Due to the modernization of machined and looms, artisans like Abdul Rehman and especially the womenfolk who used to spin the yarn on the traditional wheel called yandir in the local language. The power looms have devastated their works but there is still the definition of hand-crafted Pashmina intact as what feels in a handicraft cannot be felt in any other thing.

Abdul Rehman and Pashmina.com

Pashmina.com helping all the artisans including men and women is providing the basic platform for hand-crafted Pashmina as we believe in the nature of skilled hands and why not? Abdul Rehman has been a part of Pashmina.com to sustain his life in a better way and to propagate the message of hand-crafted, hand-woven pure Pashmina to the world out there.

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