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Zahoor Ahmed



Maker's Story

Clouds witness nature’s enthusiasms. Likewise, nature witnesses the world of purity. Pashmina a part of nature witnesses the creation of luxury. From the roots of Cashmere wool, Pashmina derives its virtue of being a luxurious craft of the world. By the dawn of creation, Pashmina becomes a part of everything till the onset of dusk. Artisans who the admirers of Pashmina grow and make the growth of Pashmina towards the version that is the most admirable around. Zahoor Ahmed, an artisan of diligent nature and a calm heart. He has been into the craft of Pashmina for 12 years. A family to sustain, and a heart to cater, Pashmina has cherished both. “My heart longs for Pashmina, whenever I get sick or anything, I feel like my heart is at my workplace listening to the sound of handlooms” Zahoor exclaimed. Zahoor and other artisans like him who want the craft to Pashmina go further and help them to attain sustainability and peace in their lives want the Government to work over the demises of artisans who work day and night and still not get the wages they deserve.

Zahoor Ahmed and Pashmina.com

Pashmina.com and Zahoor Ahmed have been on the journey of helping each other to their fullest in order to serve Pashmina with the most authentic hands. Pashmina.com provides wages as the artisans like Zahoor deserve for their astonishingly skilled hands.

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