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Maker's Story

Nature from the time of beginning has always calmed itself through some creations among its own beings, Goats from the breed of Changra, bless nature with hairs of Cashmere to make a grade of it known as the Pashmina. The craft of Pashmina was prolonged for ages, it served the royals to all the highnesses from the gone eras. Artisans of those eras created numerous astonishing artworks of Pashmina in the form of luxurious Shawls. Passing on the generation ahead of them the skill of crafting the Pashmina. Meeraj, an artisan who has been given the gift of crafting luxurious Pashmina from his father who has attained this skill from his father. “We belong to this craft of Pashmina, the skill runs in my family and I hope it will always be with us as long as we live,” said Meeraj while turning a Pashmina Shawls towards him. Artisans and their forefathers have been very mystical in the sense of Pashmina. They believe it is their virtue to work as an artisan. But the Power looms have taken their virtue and made it of a meagre existence. “Not only Pashmina is in our souls, we have managed to earn living from the craft of Pashmina but we don’t know how long?” said Meeraj with tears in his eyes. Power looms and Machine works have made the living of artisans quite difficult. But everyone does know the virtue of hand-crafted and hand-woven Pashmina. Pashmina is not ordinary, it’s a luxury of purity and beauty.

Meeraj and Pashmina.com

Pashmina.com revives the hand-crafted Pashmina and gives an opportunity to the artisans like Meeraj to support the cause and begin like it used to be from the very beginning. A beautiful Pashmina from the hands of Meeraj is passed on to the warehouse of Pashmina.com to wrap the emotions and hard work that are witnesses of the authentic craft to the world out there.

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