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Tariq Ahmed



Maker's Story

Being a source of beauty of exquisite worth, belonging to the world feels magical. Pashmina has been in a place of adornment for the royals and for the locals. The most explicit form of craft, Pashmina belongs to the world of creation. Originating in the mountains of Changthang, from the Capra Hircus Goats, Pashmina brought a new outlook of fashion and beauty in the world through the hard work of skilled artisans. Tariq Ahmed, an artisan from the valley of Kashmir has bestowed the Pashmina with the most luxurious handwork. Worked through his life to serve the culture and beauty of Pashmina. The gift of skill was given by his father to Tariq Ahmed as a token of resource for the family to sustain for 25 years now. “My father showed me the sacred path of Pashmina to believe in its magic, but nowadays artisans and Pashmina have lost their identity,” said Tariq while looking towards the picture of his father hanging on a wall beside him. Believing the hand of the artisan, and making the identity of genuine Pashmina a bliss for the fashion world will make up for the years of hard work and great patience.

Tariq Ahmed and Pashmina.com

Pashmina.com resides near the hearts of artisans like Tariq Ahmed as we believe in the strength of artisans and their daily needs. We believe in the path of Pashmina like the artisans believe in the beauty of this craft.

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