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Luxe Bag


Parvez Ahmed



Maker's Story

Stepped outside the creation of usual, nature cherished the worth of Pashmina. Before the heavens of world, the Pashmina made a way to cast the shadows everywhere. From the Hairs of Changra Goats, Cashmere combed out to get the finest fleece that is woven into the creation of Pashmina. The radiant process of creating the Pashmina is chosen by the hands of artisans throughout the revere beneath Pashmina. Parvez Ahmed, an artisan who relishes the merriness from the creation of Pashmina. He believes he has the hands that can talk to Pashmina in the language of its creation. Parvez Ahmed left his studies and entered the life of Pashmina to bliss its existence by his skilled hands. “I find happiness in the edges of Pashmina, in its being near me, I feel content when Pashmina is around” Parvez exclaimed while weaving a Pashmina Shawl on a handloom. Artisans like Parvez have accepted Pashmina as their confidante in all spheres of their lives. Sustaining Pashmina and returning its every worth to the world out there, artisans like Parvez have set up the face with a smile of Pashmina.

Parvez Ahmed and Pashmina

Parvez and Pashmina.com have been together for many moments to make Pashmina reach its height of excellence. It makes both of us happy to see Pashmina around in our hands. Pashmina being a confidante to both has made our journey with Pashmina quite worthy as we serve Pashmina an identity of authenticity.

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