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Luxe Bag


Niyaz Ahmed



Maker's Story

In the story of creation, the edges of the world seem to converge over Pashmina, the name derived from a Persian word, pashm which means the soft gold or the king of fibres. The name itself leads us to the nature of the fibres that are woven and unwoven in moments leading to the making of a serene world of Pashmina. The artisans have groomed their lives around the craft of Pashmina and Pashmina has made way through their lives efficiently. Niyaz Ahmed, an artisan who has been into the craft of Pashmina for 20 years. Due to the low income in the family, he left his studies and merged his life with the craft of Pashmina. “Pashmina is my source of inspiration for living and to sustain my family,” said Niyaz while passing a needle full of threads through the cast of Pashmina. Artisans of Kashmir have made their lives around the world of Pashmina. To sustain their livelihood and to make their lives better day by day, Pashmina has been a pathway to precede the creation of skill.

Niyaz Ahmed and Pashmina.com

Pashmina.com with the definition of authenticity has encouraged all the generations of artisans to perform their will towards the revival of Pashmina as Pure Pashmina has an essence that no other product has. Pashmina.com encourages the aspect of stories driven by Pashmina itself.

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