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Luxe Bag


Tariq Ahmed



Maker's Story

Unravelling the creation of nature, the edges of all the desires meet at a moment of dawn from where a new cast of Pashmina appears. Cashmere in the appearance of a Pashmina Shawl is regardless the most exceptional in its creation. One of the oldest handicrafts in the country of India from a valley that exists beyond admiration. Artisans from around the Kashmir Valley deliver their words over threads of Pashmina. Tariq Ahmed, an artisan who has devoted his whole life towards the craft of Pashmina over the past 15 years. The eagerness and keenness towards the craft of Pashmina have pacified his life and he has settled his life over the craft of Pashmina. “I have unwrapped my worth by the craft of Pashmina, it has made my life easy and calm,” Tariq said proudly. Untangling the virtue of Pashmina over the knots of creativity, artisans have been into the world with their skilled hands to make the precious and luxurious Pashmina Shawls for the lovers of Pashmina craft from around the world.

Tariq Ahmed and Pashmina.com

Pashmina.com has accompanied the artisans like Tariq Ahmed to move forward towards the creation of Pure Pashmina. With the help of these hard-working and diligent artisans, Pashmina.com has supported the cause of artisans and made the path of Pashmina even more luxurious.

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