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Mushtaq Ahmed



Maker's Story

The lives in the valley of Kashmir admire the Pashmina craft from several eras. Pashmina, from the Cashmere obtained from the high-quality hairs of Changthangi Goat from the region of Ladakh in India, is the most cherished and preserved artwork from centuries. The word is derived from the Persian word, pashm, the soft gold or the king of fibres. As the word suggests, it attains royalty in its being. As artisans flow their creativity in their craft of Pashmina, they belong to the world of Pashmina. Mushtaq Ahmed is one of part of the world of this astonishing craft, is a very well skilled artisan who has left his studies to devote himself to the craft of Pashmina to sustain his family. “I left my studies and plunged into the ocean of Pashmina,” said Mushtaq proudly. Due to modernization, Mushtaq also mentioned that there is a lack of wages especially providing wages on time. Machine work has taken the business and now the divine art of Pashmina is losing its essence.

Mushtaq Ahmed and Pashmina.com

Artisans like Mushtaq Ahmed have suffered in terms of wages for so long. Now that collaborating with Pashmina.com, artisans like him have been able to sustain their livelihood and nurture the craft of Pashmina for our platform in a very genuine and authentic way.

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