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Abid Hussain



Maker's Story

Hearing the sounds of nature, souls belong to the land of the earth with the most of creation in their own virtue. Pashmina compels to befit the astonishing world beyond the horizons. The softest and finest hair from the Changra goats, combed out manually because the hands are a part of nature. Afterward, the tale of creation takes it to the hands of artisans who spun the fleece and thus create the marvellous Pashmina. Artisans of the valley have been into the craft of Pashmina for ages now. Abid Hussain, an artisan who works day and night to make a living by diligently working in the craft of Pashmina Shawls. Initially, due to meagre resources, he dived into this craft. After some years, the craft of Pashmina gave him the enjoyment of moments and a sense of harmony. “I got better as a person with years, I loved to be around other artisans and we together filled the room with merriness,” Abid said with a gleam beneath his smile. Pashmina has transformed people all around with its intricate craft. Art gives bliss and thus perforates one's soul with calmness and fills all the voids with the serenity of nature.

Abid Hussain and Pashmina.com

Pashmina.com scatters love in the form of luxurious Pashmina over to the world, so do the artisans of the valley, they have found love in crafting the Pashmina over the eras. Pashmina.com gives all the artisans a new arrival of dawn by providing them the happiness of creating genuine Pashmina for the world out there.

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