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Shabir Ahmed Pandit


Maker's Story

Near the history of art, Pashmina bestowed with the supplication of beauty. Living near the edges of a Pashmina Craft, the pashms are woven near their very presence where the hand-crafted Pashmina fulfils the desires and traditions that go on together on the journey of creation. With the support and creation of Artisans, the revere of Pashmina goes above the world of luxurious fashion. An artisan, Shabir Ahmed Pandit has a distinct view towards the Pashmina Shawls. He has been into the craft of Pashmina for about 20 years. Entrusting every moment spend with Pashmina, he has come through all the styles of Pashmina especially the Kani Pashmina Shawls. “Kani weave has been a journey of meditation for my soul,” Shabir said by touching a Kani Pashmina Shawl that he has complete a day ago. Kani weave being the majestic form of creation in the world of Pashmina. The weaving is done by the Kanis that are the wooden sticks of hand size made of forest wood known to be as “poss tul”. The Kanis have a colourful thread around to present their wefts in an already warped Shawl. The procedure is quite extensive, even some Kani Pashmina Shawls take several years to get completed. “I have enjoyed every single clanking of Kanis over a handloom, the sounds they create mesmerizes my soul and I feel lively” Shabir said in bliss.

Shabir Ahmed Pandit and Pashmina.com

At our Pashmina.com, we reclaim the hand weave as a part of the legacy and the Kani weave is the most luxurious craft of Pashmina shawls that we wrap herein directly from the handloom of artisans like Shabir Ahmed who meditate the craft of single weave.

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