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Farooq Ahmed Dar



Maker's Story

Overall, the eras of Art, there has been a place to reside near its eternity called the Pashmina. From the fleece of hairs of Cashmere wool, obtained from the Changra Goats from the Mountain of Changthang in the region of Ladakh. Pashmina starts a journey from above the horizons of creation. The hairs of Capra Hircus Goat are grown in the season of winter to protect them from the harsh season and thereby in the season of spring, the hairs naturally shed off that is to be plucked to protect the Goats from the shine of summers. The extensive work performed by all the artisans together from the very start gives a definition of perfection near the residence of Pashmina. One among the brilliant artisans, Farooq Ahmed Dar is the most enthusiastic artisan around the valley of Kashmir. He has been working in the craft of Pashmina for 9 years. Cherishing every moment with the being of Pashmina, he leads the path of creativity with the onset of modern motifs. “Pashmina is a dream, that I see every night of my life,” Farooq said after humming a Kashmiri song verse playing in the background. Belonging to a middle-class family, he has always dreamt of doing something for his land. Pashmina made him realize the worth of nature and Farooq is one of the artisans who find meditation in Pashmina. Reviving Pashmina with the help of artisans with skilled hands is the most fascinating workaround in order to befit the whole world of Pashmina.

Farooq Ahmed and Pashmina.com

Some artisans believe that Pashmina is a serene dream that needs to be dreamt of. At Pashmina.com, we wrap the Pashmina dreams that artisans like Farooq see on his every night, and make them a part of the world of Art by working day-night to revive and preserve the Craft of Pashmina.

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