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Luxe Bag


Riyaz Ahmed Sheikh



Maker's Story

The elegance, the opulence of the Pashmina Shawl, is dignified because of the way its creation is scribed over the slates of artistic mastery. That is beyond appreciation. The pashms, derived from the high-quality, hand-picked fleece of the Cashmere Goat of Changra breed. Thereupon, the pashms have been woven over a handloom with the hands of artisans who are skilled beyond one’s imagination. Riyaz Ahmed Sheikh, a young artisan who studied for a while but after a tragic episode could not continue to study. Thereby chose a respectable profession of creating luxury, The Pashmina. After learning the work of Pashmina, he has been in happiness as the work provides him with the smoothness and serenity that the world has never given him. “I find peace of mind in the Craft of Pashmina. I have lost many things, but God through Pashmina gave me compensation by showering me with Art of Pashmina”. Riyaz exclaimed while patting his hands onto the surface of Pashmina Shawl. For some, Pashmina is a work to sustain, for others it’s a meditation. For some, it’s the creation in itself. Riyaz being one of a kind who finds peace in Pashmina Craft.

Riyaz Ahmed Sheikh and Pashmina.com

Riyaz Ahmed who works on the path of Pashmina very happily invested his time with our platform as he and Pashmina.com both preserve the identity and the creation of Pashmina provides calmness in the form of creating genuine pure Pashmina to cater to all the souls around the world providing content to the hearts.

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