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Maker's Story

The clan of Pashmina is the admirer of fineness, rarity, and authenticity around. The Pashmina from the Changthangi Goats from the Ladakh region is the finest and most luxurious form of Craft. Holding the worth intact for its survival, it has escaped the unreal ethics by residing in the heavenly hands of Artisans who are the protectors of Pure Pashmina. Artisans of the valley have been gifted by their ancestors the skill of crafting Pashmina. One such tremendous young artisan, Mehraj has been bestowed with the hands of skill. He has learned from his father who has worked all his life in the path of Pashmina. Unfortunately, due to old age, he passed on his skill to his son who has enthusiastically worked over the craft of Pashmina in order to fulfil the basic needs of a large family. “My father was a master, people claim that I am a shadow of my father's skill, and now I am by God’s grace fulfilling that image by creating the finest Pashmina,” Mehraj said proudly while looking onto a Pashmina shawl on which he completed the hand embroidery. The new generation has been encouraged by these young Artisans to work in the culture of the valley by promoting the high quality and authentic Pashmina all over the world.

Mehraj and Pashmina.com

Mehraj congratulated Pashmina.com and has always expressed love in the form of a smile. We at Pashmina.com cater and secure the lives of Artisans who are so skilled should be given the most credit for creating Pashmina. We do! At Pashmina.com, the artisans are treated well as they are the creators of luxurious Pashmina that has to stop through us in your closet.

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