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Abdul Hameed Darr



Maker's Story

The story starts in the season of winter when all the Cashmere wool on the Goats of Changra breed is grown. From there, the moulting season appears as bliss for the artisans because it’s the time when Cashmere wool is collected and combed to get the fleece out from where pashms are born and woven into the world of Pashmina. Pashmina has been into Kashmir Valley for ages now, from the Sufi saint who made socks out of the Cashmere Wool and presented them to the royal of Kashmir valley and the journey started and it's never-ending as the grace of Pashmina lingers to the winds of the Valley. With the artisans, the Pashmina has reached its highest point and from there its scattering its luxury all over. The artisans have their own history in the world of Pashmina. Abdul Hameed Dar, an artisan who has been into the legacy of creating Pashmina for 15 years. He has been bestowed with the skill from his ancestors who have been in the Craft of Pashmina for ages. “As a child, I used to look at my grandfather and father doing the Pashmina Embroidery and I had developed a sense of acquaintance with its creation”. Abdul Hameed explained. A skill from the values of ancestors who were the masters of the Art of Pashmina and astonishingly created the divine art of Pashmina with their hands. The women also participated in the creation of Pashmina, usually spun the yarn on a wheel called Yandir in the local language. “I have been around Pashmina from my birth. I used to see my mother working, with my grandmother and every member in the family was working in the creation of Pashmina”. Abdul Hameed said. The culture of Kashmir Valley encouraged the Pashmina Craft and it was given the highest respect. The artisans were given the highest respect in society. But with the ongoing world, the artisan is given the lowest wage and no consideration in the craft itself. Abdul Hameed craves an increase in wages as he has a family of 9 members depending wholly on the craft of Pashmina.

Abdul Hameed and Pashmina.com

Abdul Hameed and Pashmina.com have a common point of providing the best of wages and at the proper time. In addition, Abdul Hameed being a skilled Artisan has an immense love for Pashmina, so does we have at Pashmina.com. Working day and night to revive the Pashmina and love the Craft of Pashmina is the main goal of our team at Pashmina.com.

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