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Shaheen Ahmed



Maker's Story

Pashmina shawls have been giving around the sense of luxury and royalty. Pashmina shawls have been a part of nature for ages. The fiber of these shawls is the finest and explicit in its own kind. Therefore, the fiber was admired by all around the world of royalty. Moreover, the skill of the artisans was pouring out in every warp and every weft. Thus, these exquisite shawls came to be known as luxurious because its the finest wool from the rarest Goats. The artisans happily engage in the art of Pashmina as they find the craft of Pashmina their source of meditation towards nature. Shaheen Ahmed is an artisan from the Valley of Kashmir working in the craft of Pashmina for about 15 years. “It has been like a special part of my life because I woke up in the morning and moved towards the world of Pashmina as if I was born only to worship my work as it gives me calmness,” Shaheen said with contentment in his heart. Shaheen Ahmed and other artisans like him confirmed that the wages have been the same since when they started to work over the craft of Pashmina. Before the present time, the wages were fine to survive on daily basis but now that world is changing and there are increased expenses, the wages are not fulfilling the family load of artisans. “Despite the beauty in the Craft of Pashmina, there is a side of artisans that are given the lowest wages and low consideration,” Shaheen said while working on hand embroidery.

Shaheen Ahmed and Pashmina.com

Shaheen had a glimmer in their eyes while telling his bit of story and the Journey of Pashmina in his life. So does Pashmina.com has while wrapping the best quality Pashmina directly from the hands of enthusiastic artisans like Shaheen who with their ways of creating Pashmina has a sense of fineness in mind our like Pashmina Shawls here at the stop for best quality Pashmina.

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