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Mohammad Azhar Wani



Maker's Story

In the gardens of nature, the dwelling of life is predestined. The ability of the Changra Goat to shed off the wool grown in the season of winter, in the season of spring. Combed out by hand to preserve the quality of the Cashmere wool. Pashmina, a distinct grade of Cashmere has been bestowed by nature and in return, it cherishes every moment of gratitude. The Valley of Kashmir has been into the Art of Pashmina for eras now. From royalty to the locals, it has been into everyone’s journey. Mohammad Azhar Wani, an artisan who started to work with the craft of Pashmina in 1999. He galloped the career in the Pashmina field by learning the handicraft from his uncle who was a pioneer of Pashmina embroidery. Azhar made his path in the direction of Pashmina and felt immense respect in the profession as the skill gave him wings to fly on his own. “As soon as I learned the craft of Pashmina, I wanted a group of people to work together and make Pashmina reach its zenith by their virtue, but I was not financially fine. With the help of my classmates and my masters of Pashmina work, I managed to fulfil my dream and from 1999, we are here working together in the harmony of souls to make lives better and relive Pashmina every new day all over again” Azhar said while twirling his hands in a way that colourful threads cast their shadow on the Pashmina shawl. Mohammad Azhar had his best times in the work of Pashmina. Days passing and meticulous Pashmina getting ready for its departure into the world. But with each passing day, Mohammad Azhar feels the workload is decreased due to the machine work on Pashmina and it’s a threat to the creativity and skill of artisans. “By God's grace, we will manage to revive the Art of Pashmina” Azhar exclaimed with pride.

Mohammad Azhar and Pashmina.com

Pashmina.com is day-night working for the revival and betterment of artisans like Mohammad Azhar. He readily explained that he will support Pashmina.com as herein he felt light of hope as day-night is full of luxurious Pashmina that is pure, finest, and authentic Pashmina..

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