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Mohammad Iqbal



Maker's Story

In the lives of people, Pashmina has made its way towards their souls. Pashmina from the woven pashminas has been on the journey of creation for ages. The 16th century Art travels to the present world, meeting royals, and local people of all eras. The constant thing that has been common in the journey of Pashmina is the creation itself from the Changra Goats. The creation has its main theme called the artisans who worked skilfully with their hard work made the journey of Pashmina the finest and exquisite. Artisans have been the confidante of Pashmina. They pour their touch of love through the Artistic window of Pashmina. One such artisan who has been studying the Pashmina for a while and thereupon started his journey with Pashmina in 2006. Mohammad Iqbal, a young artisan who has done his Graduation in the field of Handicrafts. He has been interested in Pashmina making and creation from a very young age. “I was enthralled to see the hand weave and the hand embroidery over a Pashmina, it felt astonishing” Iqbal exclaimed. To learn and ensure the preservation of Pashmina, he pursued to be a part of Pashmina himself by working over the handloom on his own. Now he is a professional artisan who works for his family's needs and visits the soul of Pashmina now and then. “It's all going well, I am enjoying my work of love, but I have a family to sustain and wages are so low that it's getting difficult day by day and that saddens me,” Iqbal said in a sob. Due to the ongoing machine embroidery, the essence of hand Embroidery is getting low wages as the demands are high. But as humans, authenticity matters.

Mohammad Iqbal and Pashmina.com

Mohammad Iqbal was quite excited about our arrival at their stops and asking them for their skilled handicraft of Pashmina as he believes that at Pashmina.com, we preserve, we learn and we support our artisan community by providing the best of wages. He with his eyes of hope asks for the revival of handcrafted Pashmina, and we without a blink of a ye assured of the authenticity and handmade Pashmina as for time, we manage to look after our quality and artisans as well.

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