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Mohammad Rafeeq Bhat



Maker's Story

From the land of Ladakh, Cashmere wool in the form of hairs on the Changra Goat is combed manually to preserve the quality of pure and finest Cashmere. Pashmina being the distinct grade of Cashmere is handcrafted on the handlooms and hand weaved to give away a luxury spoken of everywhere. Because of the extensive labour and the skill of artisans over a Pashmina Shawl, the expensiveness comes naturally. The artisans are given their share, but for ages now, they have been given the minimal and they have not been considered as the creators of explicit Pashmina. Mohammad Rafeeq Bhat, an artisan who has worked for 10 years in this craft of beatitude. He has worked day and night to sustain his family. He has been intricately and diligently worked his way towards a better life. From his family, every member including his sisters works over the craft of Pashmina to preserve the identity of Real Pure Pashmina in the times of Machine looms and Machine works. “I have been very keen in my work, as it’s not only my source of survival, it’s a virtue of creation that needs to be in its genuine place,” Rafeeq said with enthusiasm. Rafeeq has a family to survive and due to the dying of Handicraft of Pashmina, it has affected his wages that have gone to lowest due to the present scenario. “Hand Embroidery is an Art of heaven, it’s a meditation for the artisan” Rafeeq explained with tears in his eyes.

Mohammad Rafeeq and Pashmina.com

Mohammad Rafeeq considers Pashmina as an Art, so do we at Pashmina.com consider Pashmina as the best of Art. We claim for the reservation and giving out the finest, and most authentic Pashmina is the duty of Pashmina.com that cannot be fulfilled except for the passionate artisans who work for the Art of Pashmina and support the growth of Pashmina in the Fashion world.

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