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Arshad Nizamat Wani



Maker's Story

The elegant Handcrafted Pashmina, hand weaved for ages to belong to the integrity of the valley of heavens is the most luxurious craft in the world. The Pashmina from the most authentic and finest Cashmere wool from the Changthang Mountain in Ladakh is a revere in the world of Art. The supreme entities who fulfil their ways of living in this explicit Craft of Pashmina are the highly skilled Artisans from the valley of uncertainties. The artisans are uncertain about the continuous working of their handicrafts due to several reasons. One among them being the uprising technology that provided the machine looms and the machine works on the Pashmina instead of the hand-embroidered or hand-weaved skill. Arshad Nizamat Wani, a local artisan with high skilled hands to preserve the worth of Genuine hand-woven Pashmina. He has been into the craft for 20 years. He has been a student for a while, but due to family issues, he has let Pashmina into his life afterward to fulfil the day-to-day life. “It was difficult to sustain on such low wages, but with hard work comes everything,” Arshad said with zeal. Today, Arshad, a man of the family including five children is inspiring all the world to reveal the genuine Pashmina. In addition, he is providing his children the support to study as he feels the moment, he was not able to study once in life due to the crisis. “My life is going good with the mercy of God and my own hard work from 20 years, but I am afraid the machine works are exploiting the essence of our skill,” Arshad said with concerned eyes.

Arshad Nizamat Wani and Pashmina.com

Arshad with his eyes filled with merriness and contentment shows such passion towards preserving the pure quality Pashmina, the hand weave, and the hand embroidery over the machine world. With Pashmina.com, Artisans like Arshad has a hope to preserve the essence of the handicraft of Pashmina. Henceforth, we with the hard work of artisans, continuously groom the Pure Pashmina to let it fly on the wings of Authenticity.

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