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Ghulam Rajab Wani



Maker's Story

In a place where souls reunite and live by various virtues of creation. A land emerging as the presence of nature depicts the explicit Art known to be Pashmina. Roots from a Persian word, pashm, meaning the king of fibres is the fleece of the Cashmere wool. Pashmina has been at a depiction for ages that it’s the most exquisite form of Craft. Pashmina from the origin of Cashmere, extracted for its beauty, mushiness, and softness. The exquisite works and hand-weaves on the glaze of Pashmina are all the gifts of hard-working artisans. “I have been into the world of Pashmina since my childhood when I was just 10 years old,” said Ghulam Rajab from Srinagar. Ghulam Rajab Wani, an elderly artisan who has bestowed the Pashmina Shawls with his creative and skilled hands for more than 55 years now. His eyes have seen prosperity as well as decline due to the Art of Pashmina. He has been a very keen child as he was always towards creating, so he admired the Pashmina work and indulged extensively in its craft. “I have lived for Pashmina,” said Ghulam with a gleam in his eyes. In addition, Ghulam mentioned that he will create as many as Pashmina works as long as he is alive.

Ghulam Rajab Wani and Pashmina.com

He with his gratifying attitude towards the craft of Pashmina has himself revived the world of Pashmina. With collaboration with Pashmina.com, a platform where the Genuine handcrafted Pashmina is revived and beautified with the help of skilled artisans. One of them being the elderly passionate about Pashmina artisan, Ghulam Rajab Wani.

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