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Maker's Story

One should love his work. One should consider his work as worship. Only then will your work give you respect and a 100% result These aren't the world of a philosopher, but Fayaz Ahmed, an embroidery artisan who works at the factory of Late Ali Mohammed Beigh, the most well-renowned name in the realms of Pashmina making. Fayaz comes from an artisan family. His father had been associated with Pashmina ever since Fayaz was a little kid. Once little Fayaz was gently asked by his father, "What do you want to become when you grow up"?. Fayaz had replied, "I want to be you, father!" This prof moment became a reality and Fayaz followed his father's footsteps. Fayaz had always wanted to do Pashmina work. The reasons he loved it were many. Firstly he really appreciated the fact that one Pashmina shawl can be a source of income for a number of families. There are spinners, thread sellers, embroiderers, weavers, dyers and more. Secondly, the respect and love his father enjoyed really lured him towards the craft for he believes that the best kind of work is the one where you can earn the respect of many. Lastly, Fayaz's love for handmade made him opt for hand embroidery. This is what Fayaz wants us to tell the world. "Handmade shawls have a different grace and value than a Machine-made fabric can never acquire", says Fayaz who only accepts handmade shawls for embroidering. "I want your team to show the world how important it is to differentiate between handmade and machine-made. Tell your customers to only go for handmade, as a machine can never replace hands", he compels. As much as Fayaz wants us to promote handmade, he equally wants the art of Pashmina to survive. Because of the advent of machines, artisans who only worked with hands have started to quit this work and switch to job. Fayaz wants them to come back as well as wants young men and women to opt for it as he did in his childhood. But due to lack of support from the government and the fact that maximum profits are taken by the end sellers, youngsters are least interested in this less paying, dying craft Fayaz and Pashmina.com Fayaz is totally in support of our working model. Fairtrade and ethical business practices is the core of Pashmina.com and Fayaz accepts it wholeheartedly. Today, Fayaz is one of our main embroidery artists who has shown and given us a few pieces that are awe-striking. He wants us to revive the practices of hand weaving and hand embroidering Pashmina shawls, stoles & scarves and remove the obstacles that poor artisans face. We are proud to have Fayaz and his team of workers with us, and we shall work hard to fulfil the promise we made to him of endorsing handmade and bring back the lost glory that Pashmina enjoyed in the past.

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