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Treasure Trove Zari Pashmina Shawl


Treasure Trove Zari Pashmina Shawl


 Handcrafted in 1 Year

 100% Cashmere

 Handwoven & Hand embroidered

 Certified Authenticty

 Ethical & Sustainable

Color: Black
Size: 90in x 45in/2.2m x 1.1m
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Why we Love it

A canvas of emotions, holding up stories, soaked in deep colours is what this Pashmina right here portends. The rich and luscious base of Pashmina has to stay firm as it carries the weight of an equally classy traditional craft. Over the rich black base, strong contrasting Zari Kari extends to every corner, and comes to life is simply a treasure to be revered and cherished for an entire lifetime.

  • Handwoven in Kashmir
  • Hand Embroidered with Love
  • 100% Grade A Cashmere
  • Guaranteed Authenticity
  • Complimentary Luxury Gift Box
  • Complimentary Worldwide Shipping
The Exquisite Craftsmanship

When a pure handmade Pashmina shawl is chosen to come under the shimmers of Tilla Dozi, even the artisan is not in a position to imagine how breath-taking the complete piece would look. It just a matter of time.

History of Tilla: Originally Tilla was done using real gold and silver threads. That was a time when Tilla embroidered epoch pieces were draped by the nobles and the royal class of the society. The metals were hammered into wires and passed through needles and embroidered over apparel and accessories especially for brides. Such a piece would never age or should we say it would become antique with time. However the glory didn't last long, and gold and silver had to be replaced with metals with however a top coating of the same precious elements.

The process of Tilla Dozi:

Making the Design: A Naqash (designer) draws the design over the trace paper, and later perforates this paper along the edges with the help of a specialized needle.

Tracing design over shawl: This trace paper is placed over shawl to be embroidered and a duster filled with natural ink (sand and kerosene) is passed over it. This causes the design to reflect over the shawl

Embroidering the shawl: This imprinted cloth is passed on to a Tilla Doz (an expert Tilla embroiderer), who uses a malleable copper wire coated with real gold or silver to craft beautiful motifs over the shawl. The strokes of the metal are fastened by a camouflaging thread, which makes sure the thread is held tight and in place with the underlying Pashmina base.

Finishing the shawl: The resulting shawl is sent for washing and ironing. It is made sure that hot iron doesn't come in direct contact with Tilla lest it tampers its timeless sheen.

Guaranteed Quality

We appreciate that you expect the finest quality of Pashmina from us. So we follow a stringent quality-testing approach on every single piece that we produce. Our Pashminas go through an inflexible testing procedure at the Craft Development Institute (CDI) of Srinagar, the only fully-focused Pashmina lab in India. After testing our Pashminas come with lab reports, fibre tests, name of product and artisan and product life and durability.

We guarantee the purity and authenticity of our products. We are 100% sure about our products being handwoven from pure Cashmere yarn. If you are not satisfied with the product, or if it is proven that any of our claims are false, you can easily return it to us with a full refund.

Guaranteed Quality
Fair Trade & Sustainable

In the modern era where fast fashion has become a whirring concept, people have compromised with low quality, instant production, and accepted degradation that it causes to the environment. To lower the harmful impact of fast fashion fads on the planet, Pashmina.com produces environment friendly, sustainable wraps that last for generations. Our products are made from natural Cashmere fibre, dyed with nontoxic dyes and use water conservation methods for the final wash.

In addition to taking care of the environment, Pashmina.com makes sure that products are handcrafted by artisans who use traditional artisan skills and organic Cashmere yarn to produce ethereal pieces. As a mark of honour and a token of gratitude, we donate 5% of our proceeds to the artisan community to improve their livelihood and standards of living.

Fair Trade and Sustainability
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