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Shop an exclusive edit of handcrafted designer Cashmeres in an array of beautiful ombre designs all pure, authentic Cashmere and exceptionally cozy. The collection features a plethora of shades of ombre shawls, ombre scarves, ombre wraps and more to lend your winter mutes and neutrals a pop of colour and spirit.
For sustainable fashion lovers, these handmade marvels have been created from natural Cashmere fibre, ethically sourced from Ladakh.

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Ideal evening wraps:  Evening shawls and wraps, especially those you choose in winter have to be warm and cozy, and light weight enough, so you don't need those warm additional layers. Our assortment of these Ombre Pashmina shawls, Ombre scarf patterns and more are a perfect pick for the chilly evenings where one doesn't even want to step outside their cozy rooms. Layer one of these luxury Cashmere wraps around you and ooze a graceful demeanour while keeping warm and smiling.

These wraps are unisex: The versatility of these designer Cashmeres is that they are unisex. A men's Cashmere scarf, a men's Pashmina shawl, or more, all in neutrals and brights can easily be handpicked while planning to fill those empty shelves of your winter accessory wardrobes. This selection of Ombre Cashmere Pashminas, to add comfort and a pop of colour to winter ensembles, is all that men and women both would need as the chilly season is already here. Wrap a cozy woven stole around your neck for a striking pop of character and the heritage grace inherent to Kashmiri Pashmina

These Cashmere wool wraps are handwoven. The raw material for these luxury pieces is the fine and delicate Pashm fiber which is manually acquired from the hilly terrains of Ladakh, where the rare species of Changtangi goat resides. It is from the underbelly of this goat that the Pashm is derived, cleaned, sorted, and passed on to a spinner who spins the chunk into long fine threads. These threads are given to a weaver, who weaves the threads over the traditional wooden handloom.  The wrap accessory is soft, beautiful and cozy enough to keep its wearer warm and comfortable for an entire season.  

Your Ombre Cashmere Pashmina is Airy Light: When we think of what can keep us super warm and cozy in winters, all that comes to mind are the layers of warm blankets that we can hide under to avoid the chilly breeze outdoors. But this winter season is the time to come out of those cocoons and layer up in these Ombre Pashminas, which are pleasantly warm, heavenly comfy and light as the air. The reason is pure, authentic, delicate and fine Cashmere threads being hand-woven over handlooms in utmost finesse, which makes this fabric such graceful and feathery light.

Your Ombre Cashmere Pashmina is authentic, 100% certified: Our luxury collection of Ombre Pashminas is pure, authentic and certified from the Ministry of Textiles. Our quest to provide you the best and the real version of the world famous Kashmiri Cashmere leads us to making of pure Cashmere Pashminas, which are authentic in terms of quality and technique The certificate of authenticity that you get with every piece you choose from us is our affirmation of the high-quality standards we strive for. We have the flexibility to send you the copies of the batch test reports in case you want to learn more about the quality of the shawl you plan on purchasing.

At Pashmina.com, quality is the least compromised factor. We take stringent quality control checks to make sure that the product reaching our customers is of the best quality

Carry an exclusive fashion statement: Who doesn’t love to be styled like a celebrity? For the wonderful women out there, whose inner fashion goddess isn’t ready to dress up in monotonous accessories, here is a handcrafted collection of ombre designer Cashmeres, exclusive to the core. These luxury pieces are handwoven by ultimately skilled artisans from Kashmir, who spend days or even weeks  together to create intricate details on the design and pattern of every piece you buy. As such, no two designs are the same and all look magnificently unique. 

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