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Honouring the women artisans of the valley, a luxurious compilation of Pashmina shawls features the Geographical Indication (GI) certification tag. The shawls are handspun by the destitute, underprivileged womenfolk of Kashmir in the most skillful fashion, and later hand woven to produce exceptionally delicate and aesthetically alluring shawls. The GI tag is a certification of their high quality and a testament that these art pieces are handcrafted from the finest of Ladakhi Cashmere with a fibre count of 12 to 16 microns, handspun by local women, followed by an intricate handweaving.

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Grid List

Items 1-24 of 277

Pure, Original and Certified Cashmere: GI Pashmina Shawls are the most original, pure and certified shawls. These are marked by the Geographical Indication, which testifies that it is made from Ladakhi Cashmere, which has been handspun by the immensely skilled Kashmiri womenfolk who are the only artisans in the world to spin with such exquisiteness. These shawls, post spinning, are handwoven, resulting in them being immensely warm, soft and luxurious. The Cashmere fibre used in GI Pashmina shawls has a diameter of 12 to 16 microns. 

Sustainable Shawls: With the womenfolk taking all the credit of hand spinning the finest Cashmere, the shawls get crafted sustainably. There is no use of machines in the making of GI shawls, and the procuring is ethical. In addition to this, the women artisans are empowered, as they have an independent source of income, which comes from spinning fine Cashmere.

Patterns, Patterns and Patterns: Even Though GI Pashmina Shawls and wraps are light, delicate and gossamer fine, the artisans have managed to embellish them in the most profuse fashion. As such, aesthetically created motifs span all over the shawls and wraps, making them even more graceful and elegant than hand processing had already made them.

Breathtaking shades and hues: Contrary to the past, the specialist artisans of the valley have managed to soak GI Pashmina shawls in all the shades and hues one can think of. As such, GI Pashminas aren't just grey, ask, black and white, but brilliant shades of greens, blues, purples and reds are breathtakingly featured in these luxury pieces.

Gift them the love from Kashmir: Your quest for a perfect gift is finally over. Gift them a handcrafted GI Pashmina from Kashmir, and make their special occasion even more delightful. For those choosy ones, who already seem to own everything in the world, a GI Pashmina will make their day, because one Pashmina has never been enough for a woman!

Help survive the art and the artist: With the introduction of power looms and mechanical help, handmade Pashmina shawls are declining. As a result, its artisans are finding it difficult to survive, and planning to switch, leaving this art incomplete. With your purchase, you can help survive these artisans, and hence the art of crafting Pashmina shawls in their purest and the most authentic form

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