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Printed Pashmina Shawls

Add an infinite oomph to your everyday winter looks with our handcrafted printed Pashmina shawls where luxurious chic prints cover the airy light authentic Pashmina base in warm colours and modern patterns. With a profusion of droolworthy patterns which go with any of your winter looks, this collection is a must have for the patrons of responsible and sustainable fashion.

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Grid List

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Explore a new and exclusive range of Pashmina products with our printed Pashmina shawls which include the classic animal print pashminas, floral print Pashmina, monogrammed Pashminas, all together in bold and bright colours. Have fun shopping from the comforts of your home and buying 100% pure shawls in modern prints and patterns. 

Our pure printed Pashmina shawls are handwoven over the traditional wooden handloom where a number of skilled artisans work together and weave the luxury Pashm threads, acquired manually from the hilly mountains of Ladakh, in warps and wefts. It is this handweave that makes these Pashminas smooth, light weight and fine as the air.

Our luxury collection of printed Cashmeres features patterns of all types. From animals prints, floral prints, to monogrammed and traditional motifs, these printed shawls from Kashmir hosts designs that you would surely fall in love with

Its winter time occasions and birthdays. If you are in a dilemma of what to gift them to make their day more cherished, we have got you sorted. These printed Pashmina wraps would make a great winter gift, owing to its modern prints and the sumptuous warmth of your love you have for them.

At Pashmina.com, we care for our highly-skilled Kashmiri artisans as much as we do for our beloved customers. As part of our initiative of improving the wellbeing of the artisan community in Kashmir, we give back 5% of our proceeds for the welfare of the artisan community. So, if you buy these printed wraps now, you too can touch the lives of the artisans.

Buy Pure Pashmina shawl online with us: Ours is one of the most luxurious Pashmina collection that you will ever have witnessed. And who doesn't love to get the best of shopping experience while sitting in the comforts of their homes. Buy a Pashmina shawl online with us and experience a hassle-free shopping time.

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