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Patterned Pashmina Shawls

Conventional meets contemporary. The culture favourite handcrafted Pashmina shawl has just been transformed into a modish accessory with these patterned authentic Pashmina shawls. Featuring in vogue patterns to match your stylish winter ensembles, the shawls are made of pure natural fibre and produced in cruelty free environment for a sustainable trade off.

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Grid List

Items 1-24 of 76

Featuring modish checks, chic stripes and more contemporary patterns, here is a unique assortment of patterned Pashmina shawls handwoven by the most skilled artisans. These pure Pashminas have been crafted with stringent quality control processes, to ensure that the quality of any shawl is not compromised even the slightest. From warm shades and pastel base colours, shop these patterned shawls online from the comforts of your home and look your best, this winter season.

Choose from a plethora of pure patterned Pashmina shawls in infinite designs and arrangements. Drape a check, style a striped Pashmina, or enjoy the warmth and grace of abstract patterned Pashmina shawl, the choice is yours.

Our collection of designer Pashminas is pure, authentic and certified from the Ministry of Textiles. Our quest to provide you the best and the real version of the world famous Kashmiri Cashmere leads us to making of pure Pashminas, which are authentic in terms of quality and technique The certificate of authenticity that you get with every cashmere shawl you choose from us is our affirmation of the high-quality standards we strive for. We have the flexibility to send you the copies of the batch test reports in case you want to learn more about the quality of the shawl you plan on purchasing. 

This luxury assortment of patterned Pashminas can be ideal gifts to someone you love and treasure. Surprise your best friend or an office colleague with brilliant shades of these handwoven pieces.

Each handcrafted piece in this collection is unique and exclusive of others. No two pieces have the same pattern. Carry an unshared style this winter season with their heavenly touch.

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