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Ombre Pashmina Shawls

Your search for an everyday wear Pashmina shawl has just ended. Handpicked from over a thousand designs is a luxury collection of handcrafted Ombre Pashmina shawls in colours you would fall in love with. Featuring beautiful colours and weaves, this collection has been ethically sourced from pure, authentic Cashmere and commits to sustainable sourcing, fair trade and ethical practices

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For the modern woman of today, who admires traditions and loves to be rooted to her culture, an ombre Pashmina shawl would be ideal to carry around everyday. An Ombre shawls patterns two different shades in one single piece in an in-vogue fashion, making it ideal to wear with western as well as ethnic outfits. Choose from myriads of patterns of Ombre shaded Pashminas from our handwoven assortment of pashmina products, and look your best version, this winter season.

Rest assured about the originality of our Pashminas. These pure Pashmina shawls are purely handwoven over the traditional wooden handloom where a number of skilled artisans work together and weave the luxury Pashm threads, acquired directly from Ladakh, in warps and wefts, to help you shine throughout the winter season.

Your newly purchased Ombre Shawl is purely exclusive when it comes to design, quality and originality. That is because our highly skilled craftsmen spend days or even weeks together to craft each piece to lend it the exclusivity that you've been looking for.

An Ombre Pashmina will be your companion for life, but only if it gets the care it deserves. When cleaning your Cashmere Pashmina shawl, get it professionally dry cleaned. Store your shawl with sachets of dried Azadirachta indica or Indian Lilac to prevent moth infestation. This further adds to the years to your precious treasure.

Styling an ombre Pashmina wouldn't be too hard for the modern women, because this variety of Pashmina has been transformed into more contemporary. Pair it with western or casual ethnic wear, or wrap it casually over a combination of both, an ombre shawl will blend seamlessly with every outfit of yours.

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